Vox-Box is the economic and effective alert system for fire alarms, attacks, end of class, ….

The VOX BOX is an autonomous module of sound amplification, allowing low cost sound broadcast of security messages.

Vox-Box connexions

Each diffuser line has 40Watts max. The amounts of loudspeakers are deffinies according to the power of each element. When the line does not contain a loudspeaker, it is possible to mix sirens and flashes on the same line.

Vox-Box inter-connexion 

It is possible to choose a master VOX BOX and to slave other modules to extend the coverage area. The link between the modules can be extended to 500m and requires an interface that integrates into the VOX BOX.
The microphone and the buttons or control contacts are connected to the VOX BOX master. The other boxes broadcast the same sounds as the master.