La Securalert adapted to all types of alert, from the inside of buildings to alerting people over long distances….

SECURALERT: the high-power modular power central for large-scale installations

The Sécuralert is at the center of the KM Europ warning system. It is flexible and can receive a large number of sound diffusers whose power is adapted to the needs. The system consists of a management card and a number of amplification card allowing the connection of multiple passive or 100V line diffusers .

For each site, KMsecur designs an optimizes warning solution for better efficiency (choice of power and diffusers per zone), minimum installation cost as well as reduced maintenance cost.

This flexibility is enabled by an innovative technology and a production totally controlled internally on our sites located in France.

Securalert has the following advantages

  • Modular for indoor and outdoor sound and voice alert

  • Scalable from 1 to 64 x 300W amplifiers per power plant

  • Sounds differentiated by line of broadcasters

  • Sound level adjustment by diffuser line

  • Broadcast sound or voice alerts

  • Native IP interconnection for power plants and control panels

  • Voice over IP (VOIP) support for real-time messaging from desktops

Adaptable power

  • Diffusers for the diffusion of alarm inside the buildings with powers adapted to the sound levels of the premises
  • Unique and patented diffusers for the exterior of the sites or the alert to the populations, up to more than 2Km per siren