Controls Panels for D-Wilds and Securalert

The new range of KMsecur desks is organized around a new design and functions, from the simple console with the most advanced indicator lights and trigger switches to a display, network and radio functions .

SECURALERT Control Panel

The Securalert desk connects directly to a Securalist station at a maximum distance of 200m.
It allows the triggering of 5 sounds

WILDS et WILDS Multizones Controls Panels

The new range of desks from the KMsecur Wireless Diffusion Sounder Series (WILDS) is compatible with Radio and wired systems has new features and connectivity on an alert system. 

  • Public address on IP network
  • Multifunction display
  • Event Timestamp
  • Multi-media network connectivity
  • Integrated radio connectivity
  • Scheduling of trips
  • And many others…

WILDS Control Panel

The PUPITRE WILD allows the exploitation of a  Securalert alert system with a multi protocol link, RS232, Ethernet or LoRa radio secure and reliable. It also allows the control of D-Wilds modules in radio link.

WILDS Multizones Control Panel

The WILD Multi Zone Panel adds the selection of broadcast zones to the WILD Standard Control Panel.